Lake Worth child fatally shoots another boy in face

By Alex Zequeira

LAKE WORTH, FL (WFLX) - A Lake Worth family is stricken with grief after finding out that one of their own was shot in the face and killed in an apparent freak accident.

It all happened at a home on Lila Circle in Lake Worth. There, investigators with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office say, an 11-year-old boy was shot in the face. A neighbor who saw one of the boys relatives run out yelling frantically when it happened, described how the horror unfolded.

"I asked him what happened, and when I got closer... I saw the little boy lying on the ground... Then I rushed up and I saw the bullet hole in his forehead," said Juan Manuel Cercado.

Cercado and another neighbor did not waste any time in rushing over to help the little boy, who went by the name L.J. Cercado used a t-shirt to try and stop the bleeding until police and rescue crews arrived.

"I could picture his face in my head... He was just laying there and he had a wound in his head... And there was blood coming out of the back of his head," said Nicole Potrekos, a neighbor who tried to help the little boy.

When Sheriff's deputies arrived they began interviewing the little boy's relatives. It turns out, that a 9-year old child inside the house fired the weapon, while he and other boys were playing with the gun.

The gun, a Glock 40, was found at a nearby park, where one of the boys present at the time of the shooting, tried to get rid of it. The gun also turned out to be stolen. But investigators are ruling the shooting accidental. Now the entire ordeal is raising concerns about kids playing with guns, and the potentially tragic results of doing so.

There is still no word on whether there will be any criminal charges filed against the boy who fired the gun. Right now, investigators are trying to figure out just how that stolen gun ended up in the house on Lilac Circle.