Best and worst Super Bowl commercials

By Ashley Glass email
Posted by Rachel Leigh email

(WFLX) - The Super Bowl is one of the only times viewers actually look forward to commercials. So, which ads were awesome and which ones were awful?

The Web site, ranks the best and worst. They deem Budlight's "Office Meeting" ad the best ad of the first quarter. An idea is thrown out to have Budlight at every office meeting doesn't go over so well.

One of the ads that got a lot of attention Sunday night comes from Pepsi. Pepsi Max tries to convince guys that they can be real men and drink a diet cola by playing to their sense of toughness.

Pedigree reminded us that a rhino would make a really bad dog.

And Coke Zero pulled out a remake of the classic Mean Joe Greene ad complete with a spin on the tossing of the shirt.

The price tag for 30 seconds of advertising Sunday night: $3 million.