Facebook identify theft

Posted by Rachel Leigh email

(WFLX) - Facebook: It's supposed to be a place to catch up with friends online. Now, Internet criminals are trying to use people's accounts and their buddies to cash-in.

Bryan Rutberg expected to find old friends, but what he didn't expect was a cyber-criminal to find him. It started a few weeks ago when people noticed Bryan's status had changed. But he didn't change it.

It read "Bryan needs help urgently!" Of course, he was actually home safe in Seattle. "Somehow they had taken over the access to the page. I had been locked out, someone had changed the e-mail address associated with the account."

A hacker, posing as Rutberg, sent messages to friends claiming he was robbed at gunpoint in London and needed money to get home. The hacker even convinced one friend to wire $1,200 to London.

With the help of Facebook, it took about a day for Rutberg to regain access to his account. Facebook says, though this scam affects a small number of users, they assured, "[they will be] instituting changes that will better notify users when their account is modified".