Double homicide suspect may suffer from mental illness

By Alex Zequeira email
Posted by Rachel Leigh email

PALM BEACH COUNTY, FL (WFLX) - A person close to Amy Kern, the subject in a double homicide investigation, is coming forward and shedding light on who she is and giving insight into why she supposedly went on a shooting rampage that left two loved ones dead.

In an exclusive interview, Amy Kern's fiancee, Andrew Chameski of St. Mary's, Georgia told Fox 29 that Kern suffers from mental illness, and that her supposed violent spree could have been prevented had she been given the proper help and prescribed the proper medication.

"If people would have done their job, and she would have had a fair chance, then none of this would of happened. Two people would still be alive and this little girl would have a mother for the rest of her life," said Chameski.

Kern's father, Richard Kern, also said his daughter suffers from mental illness, but did not say much more about his daughter.

So far, mental instability is the only reason being given for why Kern would have done what she is accused by police of doing. According to investigators, Kern shot up two highway rest stops. Then, police say, she went to Palm Beach Gardens and shot and killed her aunt's live-in boyfriend, William Chapman, before going to Jupiter and shooting and killing her grandmother, Donna Kern.

Chameski also had this to say about the violent shooting spree, "Sometimes, when she goes into that state, she hears voices. She thinks people are trying to do her harm, and it's always directed at the people she loves the most."

The shooting comes a couple of months after Kern supposedly attacked Chameski with an axe and threatened to harm their then one-month old baby girl.

Kern is currently facing charges for that incident, but police are still trying to figure out what the exact motive in this case was.

The neighbors of both of her victim's say they are shocked and that they never would have thought something like this would happen in their peaceful neighborhoods.

Kern is now being held at the Palm Beach County Jail where she is facing murder charges.