School offers scholarship to Damon Weaver

By Chuck Weber email

CANAL POINT, FL (WFLX) - He's interviewed celebrities, attended a presidential inauguration and appeared on national talk shows. Now budding 5th grade broadcaster Damon Weaver has an offer that could impact his education.

It's only an offer at this point, but a compliment to the achievements of the Western Palm Beach County student.

"This young man reflects so many of the qualities we're looking for in leadership," commented Jack Albert, president of St. John's Northwestern Military Academy in Delafield, Wisconsin, a school with an excellent reputation for sending its students to college.

Albert says he's offering Weaver scholarships, initially to go to summer camp, and when he's in seventh grade, to attend the all male boarding school full time. On Monday Albert met with Damon and staff at his school, Canal Point Elementary.

Weaver gained fame in recent months, conducting interviews for his school TV station. Damon spoke with Miami Heat star Duane Wade, and Joe Biden, during the recent presidential campaign. Clips of the interviews appeared on YouTube.

Last month when Weaver attended the inauguration of President Barack Obama, he snared an interview with Oprah Winfrey and made appearances on national talk shows.

The connection to the military school came about after Weaver co-hosted a Sickle Cell Foundation event Sunday night. Emcee Ron Archer, pastor of The Chapel of the Palm Beaches, was impressed with Damon.

"He was articulate, he was bright, he was energetic," said Archer. The pastor says as a youth, he attended a similar academy and it changed his life. Pastor Archer says he's had dealings with the Wisconsin military school and decided to tell the president of St. John's about Damon.

Weaver's mother was working Monday and unable to attend the meeting with the military school representatives. We'll see what she has to say once she learns more the offer.