Vero teen served, signed foreclosure papers

By Juan Carlos Fanjul email
Posted by Rachel Leigh email

VERO BEACH, FL (WFLX) - Fourteen-year-old Gino Federico had absolutely no clue what was in the documents being handed to him when he answered the door nor how important they were. But he signed them anyway as the strange man who range the bell told him to do.

"I asked them what they were, he tried to explain it to me, but I didn't understand what he was saying," said Federico.

Turns out the legal mumbo jumbo are foreclosure papers with his mother Nancy's name on them. The woman knew she was going to get the notice anytime now since she had fallen behind on her mortgage on her Vero Beach home.

The Fed-Ex truck driver doesn't make any excuses for her legal predicament. A cut in work hours and mounting bills led her to this point.

But she's angry because her son had no idea he could loose the place they've called home for nine years.

"My children don't know about my mortgage, my bills. Someone should have asked to contact their mom on the road or something," she said.

Gino is still trying to figure out the full impact of the dubious delivery. Mom says it could have been handled better. "I don't like the fact that a stranger gave it to a 14-year-old child who did not know what's going on in the family household," she said.

Federico says she has 30 days to dispute the foreclosure notice. She intends to fight it to try to keep her family under the same roof.