Mahoney Wants House

By Al Pefley email

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL (WFLX) - New developments in the divorce case involving former south Florida Congressman Tim Mahoney. In  papers filed in court, Mahoney says his 25 year marriage is "irretrievably broken". Mahoney has said publicly that he's had "multiple" affairs.

In the latest court filing, Mahoney says he wants the couple's house in PGA National to be sold or he says it should be awarded to him.

The four bedroom, 3100 square foot house is valued at $840,000.

Mahoney also wants exclusive use of the house. Under a prior court ruling, his wife gets to be there during the day, and Mahoney is allowed to be there at night.

But according to his wife's attorney, Karen Steger, "Mahoney has made it flagrantly obvious that he has been bringing women there at night," and he has left behind wine glasses with lipstick on them.

At night, his wife sleeps in a barn the couple owns.

Terry Mahoney is accusing her husband Tim Mahoney of being in contempt of court, saying he's been showing up at the house during the day when he is not permitted to be there.

Mahoney's lawyer says in court documents that his wife Terry is quote: "filing motions generated to garner media attention...and increase public and financial pressure on the husband."

A court hearing is set for next month.

Tim Mahoney lost his re-election bid for Congress last November after news reports surfaced about one of his extramarital affairs.