Vicious fox attacks St. Lucie Co. community

By Jana Eschbach email
Posted by Rachel Leigh email

ST LUCIE COUNTY, FL (WFLX) - A community near Okeechobee is on alert after a fox attacks several neighbors sending some to the hospital.

"Oh, it was ferocious. I have never seen 10 pounds act like that," Barron Hill described. "It had a mission, and it was to bite something, and I was in the way."

One by one, the fox, most likely a rabid fox, terrorized residents on Bluefield Road. "I saw what looked like a cat walking right there, and, then, I saw the bushy tail and said, 'Wait that is a fox'. He turned right around and faced me. And, I said, 'Hi', and boom, that was it, he jumped on me," said Sandi Silasavage.

She was bit on the hand. One mile north, Barron Hall was bit on the leg.

"You wouldn't think something so little would hurt so bad," Silasavage said.

She beat the fox with her cane and called police and the neighbor for help. "She said, 'My dad is in the hospital. He got bit by a fox. I said, 'Oh, my God, it has to be the same one.'"

Now, both Sandi and Barron have to go through five rounds of rabies shots. "Very painful, very painful. You know, I would not wish that on anybody. You know we all hear the story, it is true, very painful," Barron said.

After the attacks, the fox met its fate with a horse who stomped it to death.

But Sandi and Barron still can't believe it. Sandi recalled, "It was like a horror movie."

"Because it didn't just bite you, it shook you like a crazed animal, literally a crazed animal," Barron added.

Health officials are performing a necropsy to see if the fox has rabies, but won't know for sure until the end of the week.

They are warning those living nearby, this fox liked to bite and to be wary of raccoons, game even your pets that could now be infected.