Haggle down your cable bill

Posted by Rachel Leigh email

(WFLX) - With today's economy, everyone is looking for a lifeline from the recession.

One of them is trimming your budget to save a buck or two, and some are haggling with their cable companies and getting their bills slashed in half.

Cliff Walker with Florida Auctioneer Academy pays a good chunk for his cable/Internet/phone bill. "At least, $165 - somewhere near there."

As an auctioneer, Cliff is an expert at getting prices up, but he's also good at getting them down.

Here's how he got a huge break on his cable bill. "The person on the other line, the customer service representative, asked me, 'When was the last time I was on an introductory rate?'"

She, then said, "I'm going to put you on our introductory rate. It will last you for six months. Call us back then and well re-evaluate then."

"It took my $165 bill down to about $85. Almost a reduction in half," said Cliff.

But will it work for you? "If you have packages you don't watch, get rid of those. If you have a box in the guest room, you get rid of that."

And, above all else, he says: "You have to be cordial."

Try it yourself. "Always start high and go low!... If your bill is $200, I would shoot for $100."

But any break is still good.

Our auctioneer also suggests shopping around. If you can get a better deal with a different company, tell your current provider you might leave if they don't match the competitor's price.