‘I was terrified’: Man finds what he thinks is boa constrictor on car engine

It could be a ball python, either way, it’s a big snake

‘I was terrified’: Man finds boa constrictor in car engine

MIAMI GARDENS, FL (WSVN/CNN) - You’ve probably heard of snakes on a plane but how about a constrictor in a Cadillac?

That's what one South Florida man discovered Friday morning.

“Oh I was shocked. I was terrified,” said Ernst Dimanche, who discovered the boa constrictor under the hood of his vehicle. However, since the story was posted, many viewers believe it’s a ball python.

It had been a typical morning for him.

He dropped children off at school and came home, but when he popped open the hood of his vehicle to do some work, that is when he found the giant snake.

“(When) I saw the snake,” Dimanche said. “I just went crazy. Everything in my skin. I got goose bumps.”

The snake was curled up and sitting on his engine.

Dimanche said he has no idea when or how the snake slithered its way to his car.

"I don't know how long he's been in my truck and I took my kids to school this morning with this snake in my truck. Now I'm not getting in that truck."

Freaked out and scared, Dimanche called animal service to retrieve the creature but they charged a fee he couldn’t afford.

That is when he called Miami-Dade Fire Rescue but they too couldn’t help leaving him and the snake stuck.

One of Dimanche’s neighbors used a hangar to pull the snake from the vehicle.

"I guess the little moments count you know. And if I could help somebody you know have a better day, that's great," said Demetri Giddings.

"Now I can go home and relax. My snake day is over," Dimanche said.

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