Woman shares video of Lyft driver falling asleep behind wheel, veering out of lane

AUSTIN, TX (KXAN/CNN) - A Texas woman says she’s disturbed by Lyft’s response after she reported her driver fell asleep while giving her a ride home.

Aira McGilber captured video of her Lyft driver in which she claims the woman nods off, hitting rumble strips and veering out of the lane, early Sunday morning in Austin, TX.

"I was like, ‘Excuse me, hello.’ And she kind of wakes and was like, ‘I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry,’” McGilber said. “You can see through the mirror her eyes: she's just nodding on and off, on and off.”

McGilber complained about the driver to Lyft, but she says the response disturbed her. The company gifted her a $5 coupon for her next ride.

“It kind of made me feel disgusted that it felt like my life was worth a $5 coupon back for their app after I felt unsafe,” McGilber said.

Lyft has since fully reimbursed McGilber for that ride and promised she won’t be connected with the driver again.

McGilber says she wants to send a message to all ride-sharing drivers who may be pushing themselves too far.

"You shouldn't be taking in riders if you don't feel capable of doing it because not only did she put my life in danger, she risked her life as well,” McGilber said.

Lyft said in a statement it takes driver and passenger safety “incredibly seriously.”

“We investigate any reports of fatigued or unsafe driving, and such reports can result in a ban from our platform. We want drivers to be as rested as possible out on the road,” read the statement in part.

The ride-sharing app has built-in protections to try to ward against sleepy drivers. Drivers are required to take a 6-hour break for every 14 hours they’re in driver mode, even if they’re not consecutive hours.

The break cannot be interrupted, and the app prevents drivers from taking any more fares until they go through the break time.

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