Homeowners concerned about new Jupiter development construction

Homeowners concerned about new Jupiter development construction

JUPITER, Fla.-- A makeover on Love Street in Jupiter is causing some heartache. Neighbors in the area are surrounded by construction.

Thomas Raishe says 40 years ago things looked a lot different. "Well that whole area over there used to be all trees," he recalled.

Now Raishe has a view of a construction zone. It's a project that's expected to transform the small street into a larger gathering spot.

"On the other side of the parking lot there's a new road they're putting in to let the public get down to the water easier because now it's only this street and they're no sidewalks on this street," Raishe said.

Neighbors say the lack of sidewalks in the area along with the construction has brought congestion to the neighborhood.

Last year, developer Jeff Collins broke ground on the Love Street project. The $30 million mixed-use property is expected to be completed by the end of 2019.

The project will be an outdoor marketplace with restaurants and stores.

"New buildings, new businesses going up so in certain ways it's good because it's growth in other ways we are losing that small town feel," Adam Rees said.

Raishe says he and other neighbors have been approached to sell their homes. He says if the price is right he will consider it.

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