Do you have your Bob Ross cereal yet? Yes, that Bob Ross

There’s a happy little product launch

Do you have your Bob Ross cereal yet? Yes, that Bob Ross
The one-time PBS TV show host and art instructor has transitioned into a 21st-century internet celebrity in the nearly 25 years since his death. (Source: @officialfye/Instagram)

(Gray News) – The legend of Bob Ross continues to grow, nearly a quarter century after his death.

The one-time PBS TV show host and art instructor, who’s transitioned into 21st-century internet celebrity, now finds his likeness on a box of cereal.

Echoing back to his 1983-1994 TV program, “The Joy of Painting,” FYE is selling Bob Ross - The Joy of Cereal.

The product description on plays off his favorite expressions from the show.

Now you can pour yourself a happy little bowl of delicious Bob Ross Cereal for breakfast! This toasted oats cereal is full of crunchy marshmallows in various “Rossian” shapes including Almighty Mountains, Lovely Little Bushes and even the occasional Happy Little Accidents! Just relax, eat, and watch it happen!

Although Ross died in 1995, his popularity has soared on the internet in the decades that have followed.

His official YouTube channel has more than 2.5 million subscribers.

But it’s not just his old TV show that’s a hit.

Type “Bob Ross products” into your browser and you’ll have a choice of everything from paint sets and toasters to T-shirts and board games.

With so many things available from Ross, there’s absolutely no reason you shouldn’t have a happy little day.

So, chill, just like Bob.

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