Florida man claims sexual role-play led to shootout

ORANGE COUNTY, FL (WFTV/CNN) - A Florida man involved in a shootout with police is asking for all his charges to be dismissed.

Neighbors called the police after a disturbance between him and his wife, but he said it was all part of their sexual role-playing.

“I am an artist, not a criminal,” Laforest Gray wrote in a letter to a judge, asking to be freed from the Orange County Jail.

On Feb. 13, he took to Instagram to live stream a standoff he had with Orange County Sheriff’s deputies.

His wife was in the middle of them. She pleaded with him to calm down. When he didn’t listen, deputies pulled her out.

In a letter to the judge, Gray wrote that he's an artist, not a criminal.
In a letter to the judge, Gray wrote that he's an artist, not a criminal. (Source: WFTV/CNN)

Investigators say Gray shot at deputies first, but no one was hurt.

He was eventually arrested and booked into the county jail.

From his cell, Gray wrote the letter to the judge asking for his charges to be dropped. Gray claimed he and his wife are adult entertainers with more than 70,000 Instagram followers.

“On 2/13/19, (my wife) and I were role playing in one of our many adventures. Absolutely no crimes were committed and I certainly didn’t do anything to hurt her,” Gray wrote. “In our role-playing adventures, we have traveled, purchased specific items, added other members, and have acted the part in our videos.”

Deputies responded to The Citra at Windermere apartment complex after neighbors called 911.

They told investigators they saw Gray punching and dragging his wife by her hair through the parking lot.

The judge denied the request.

Gray is still in custody and facing several charges, including attempted murder of a police officer.

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