Residents concerned about mold at Boynton Beach apartment complex

Residents concerned about mold at Boynton Beach apartment complex

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. — Some residents at the 500 Ocean apartment complex in Boynton Beach claim mold is taking over in their homes and in some cases making them feel ill.

“My concern is my hair has been falling out for the last four weeks,” says Tracy Fearn who moved in last fall.

Fearn showed results of an independent test on her apartment that indicated mold on clothes, furniture and picture frames. Plus she says other tenants have been now contacting her over social media with similar complaints.

"My son would notice symptoms, sniffly and start to cough, irritated but when we would leave the apartment it would clear up,” says Bennett Augustoni who moved out of his apartment at 500 Ocean weeks ago.

Boynton Beach City Commissioner Christina Romelus says she’s aware of the testing confirming mold and says the city has reached out to the developer, LeCesse Development.

"I would hope as a main piece of our downtown they would be amenable to working with us to fix this problem,” says Romelus.

FOX 29 tried to reach LeCesse Development but were told their top officials were attending a groundbreaking on a new property.

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