Huge metal bar crashes through woman’s windshield

UTAH (CNN/KSL) - A woman in Utah had a brush with death when a huge metal beam came crashing through her windshield as she drove down the road.

Nicci Sanders was on her usual route on Monday, when she suddenly saw a five-foot-long metal beam flying towards her as she sat in the driver's seat of her car.

“The beam was coming at me longways and I told myself ‘I’m going to die,’” Sanders said.

Sanders said she had both hands on the steering wheel and was completely aware of her surroundings when the incident happened.

As the metal beam shot toward her, Sanders swerved left as far as she could without falling into the median.

“It was just an explosion of glass,” Sanders remembers. “I can’t believe that I’m alive, to tell you the truth.”

Sanders quick response proved to be critical when the beam smashed through her windshield closer to the passenger’s side and then abruptly stopped just inches from her body.

A Utah Highway Patrol spokesman says they received 682 reports of debris-related crashes in 2016. In 2017, there were 657 reported crashes. And last year, 698 reports.

In Sanders’ case, paying attention during one of life’s critical moments may have been the difference between life and death. “I would have died. I mean it was a miracle,” said Sanders.

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