Police: Lake Worth Middle School teacher molested player on traveling team

Police: Lake Worth Middle School teacher molested player on traveling team

LAKE WORTH, Fla. — A teacher at Lake Worth Middle School is under arrest, accused of molesting a player on a traveling team.

According to his arrest report, 33-year-old Richard Woolcock committed the crime while the team he coached was staying at a hotel in Altamonte Springs earlier this month.

A player said he was laying in bed with Woolcock, who he calls a "father figure," and watching a show on Netflix.

The player said Woolcock is a "cuddler," and they were cuddling together with Woolcock's arm behind the player's head.

According to a police report, Woolcock asked the player if he wanted to go to sleep with him. The player agreed and later told police it wasn't unusual because he's slept in the same bed with Woolcock approximately four times at other travel events.

The alleged victim said he was "awoken to Woolcock's hand in his pants." Woolcock was touching the player inappropriately in his private parts, according to a police report.

The player said he was scared, and eventually grabbed Woolcock's wrist and moved it away.

Police said the alleged victim left the hotel and walked to a nearby restaurant. Woolcock followed him and at one point asked, "Can we talk?"

At the restaurant, a waitress said she noticed the player was emotional and crying, and asked him if he was OK. The player told her he was sexually assaulted by his coach, the arrest report stated.

The waitress said Woolcock was standing outside the restaurant, so she called 911. Officers arrived minutes later.

According to a police report, the alleged victim attempted to call family members before going to the restaurant, and also called the National Sexual Abuse Hotline.

Detectives said Woolcock refused to answer any questions.

Woolcock is facing charges of lewd and lascivious behavior by a person over 18 years old.

A spokesperson for the Palm Beach County School District said Woolcock "self-reported the arrest and will be reassigned pending the outcome of a professional standards investigation."

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