Jupiter police warn of “possible suspicious persons and vehicles” on Loxahatchee River Road

Jupiter police warn of “possible suspicious persons and vehicles” on Loxahatchee River Road

JUPITER, Fla. — Jupiter police are putting out an alert to residents about "possible suspicious persons and vehicles."

The Jupiter Police Department posted on Facebook that it's been alerted to suspicious activity in the area of Loxahatchee River Road.

Police said they haven't received any specific reports of incidents, but are reminding residents if you see something suspicious, call police right away.

FOX 29 spoke to a man, who did not want to be identified, who said he witnessed what he believed was the attempted abduction of a child on Monday, June 3 around 9 p.m.


It happened in the area of Loxahatchee River Road and Senegal Drive in unincorporated Jupiter.

The witness said a vehicle suddenly pulled in front of a little boy who was walking on Loxahatchee River Road, cutting the child off. A man then got out of the car.

"The kid started backing up slow, and then he turned around and fast-walked away," the witness said. "Right then that gave it away, he does not know this man."

The witness said he made a U-turn, drove up to the man and child, and started screaming.

"As soon as he saw my car pulling up and me yelling, his tires screeched," the witness said. "He hit the gas and drove away as fast as he could."

The witnessed said the child appeared scared and his voice was shaking.

"I was trying to calm him down. I was trying to reassure him," the witness said.

They contacted the child's mother and the witness waited with the boy until his mom showed up.

"She grabbed her son and was holding him and crying with him in her arms," the witness said.

That man said he filed an incident report with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, as this area is their jurisdiction.

The Jupiter Police Department is urging anyone who sees suspicious activity to contact them right away at 561-799-4445.

We have been alerted to possible suspicious persons and vehicles hanging around in the area of Loxahatchee River Road. ...

Posted by The Jupiter Police Department on Thursday, June 6, 2019

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