State task force begins blue-green algae work

State task force begins blue-green algae work

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. — A state task force met for the first time to study the blue-green algae problem in Florida.

“I’m pretty optimistic that what we come up with will not sit on a shelf,” says Dr. Tom Frazer, Florida’s Chief Science Officer.

Along the Treasure Coast, where blue-green algae first appeared in 2005, some residents are skeptical.

"I don’t have much faith at this point because all they do is talk,” says Karen King, who says every summer the algae makes her asthma worse.

King says she hopes the task force will consider the potential health hazards from the algae as well as finding solutions to stop it.

“Let’s find a solution, let’s stop blaming and try to figure it out,” King says.

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