Colo. family thinks couple is having sex in their car, turns out - it’s a bear

(CNN) - A family in Colorado had quite the shock when they awoke to strange noises.

Just after midnight, they found the windows to their car fogged up and the vehicle rocking back and forth.

“At first it was extremely shocking. I came up to the car thinking that there was possibly a couple in there or something,” said Shane Materkowski.

Instead of an amorous couple, it was an angry bear.

“He didn’t know how to get out so he started thrashing the inside of the vehicle,” said Materkowski.

Sheriff’s deputies and authorities with Colorado Parks and Wildlife were able to get the bear out of the car about an hour after the family first noticed the commotion.

“It was kind of shocking to see how big he actually was once he was out of the vehicle,” said Materkowski. “It kind of makes me think of a clown car because he was so big sitting in this back seat of the car.”

A day after the encounter, the damage was still impressive. The bear made quite a mess.

It was able to pull apart panels in the car, destroying the inside.

Materkowski is still shaking his head in disbelief.

“I’m honestly still baffled this happened. I keep on thinking that this is just a dream,” he said.

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