Sex trafficking charges against Jeffrey Epstein

Sex trafficking charges against Jeffrey Epstein

A reporter who covered Jeffrey Epstein in Palm Beach and collaborated on a book about the prostitution allegations with young girls said today’s latest charges are similar to the Palm Beach case.

It’s dead on the same MO,” said Tim Malloy, a former reporter and anchor for FOX 29.

He was in the New York courtroom today when Epstein was brought in to face sex-trafficking charges.

“He would allegedly find younger girls, women to go find younger girls in this case in New York City - three new alleged victims. He would perform sex acts on them,” said Malloy about the allegations.

He said the federal agents in this case seized evidence in Epstein’s New York apartment.

“This is a new wrinkle. They found dozens, if not hundreds of pictures of maybe pornographic children in a safe.”

Malloy said when Epstein was in court he had little to say; only to enter a plea of not guilty.

“He's lawyered up, but this is interesting. He's spent two nights in prison. He's got at least three more because they're not talking about a bail hearing until Thursday, so for five straight days behind some serious federal penitentiary bars.”

Malloy said this is not like the Palm Beach County jail facilities where Epstein served 13 months, but was allowed to leave his cell during most of the days.

“This is not the stockade or Gun Club. This is the real deal and he'll go to bed tonight in a building where there are terrorists.”

Malloy added that Epstein may spend the rest of his life in prison.

“I'm speculating to some degree, but after talking to the lawyers and the high-powered people involved in this, you may never see him back down in Palm Beach ever again.”

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