Florida man attacks jogger with sword after dispute over trash

OAKLAND PARK, Fla. (Gray News) - A jogger in Broward County saw a man approaching him with what he thought was a red stick.

It was actually a sheath, and it was holding a sword.

How did we get here? It started on July 15 when the jogger came across a pile of garbage in front of a vacant house in his neighborhood.

Another man was already digging through the trash heap when the jogger decided to stop and have a look. Much to the chagrin of the other man, the jogger came across a black, heavy-duty dump cart and laid claim to it.

Florida man swings sword in trash fight

Deputies said the other man felt he had first rights to the cart because he was the first one rummaging through the pile.

Both parties exchanged words, but in the end, the jogger simply wheeled the cart home as he ran behind it.

That would’ve been the end of it, but deputies said the man followed the jogger. As he got closer, he unsheathed his sword and cocked it back, ready to deliver a blow if he didn’t get his hands on the cart.

The jogger jumped back at first, allowing the man a brief moment to grab the cart. But before the man could get out of his yard, the jogger grabbed the cart again.

A struggle began.

With a sword in one hand, its sheath in the other, the man still somehow held onto the cart. But he seemed to lose motivation once the jogger pointed out the ordeal was being captured on his home’s surveillance camera.

The two men argued again as the armed-man left the area. Deputies said the man threatened to come back.

It would seem the dispute was over, but it wasn’t.

The jogger briefly left the cart unattended in his front yard. Minutes later, a woman swooped in and grabbed it.

Investigators believe the woman and the sword-wielding man know each other. The jogger’s surveillance footage shows the woman hurling insults at him, but he never pursued her.

Deputies released the video on Monday with hopes that someone will recognize the man and leave them a tip. Anyone who can help investigators find the suspect should contact Detective Tiberio Barbosa at (954)321-4278

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