Hurricane entrepreneurs rise to the occasion to help communities ahead of Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane entrepreneurs rise to the occasion to help communities ahead of Hurricane Dorian
(Source: WPTV)

LAKE WORTH BEACH, Fla. — As homeowners begin to think about what they need done to prepare for Hurricane Dorian, entrepreneurs are rising to the occasion.

This is Florida, and you likely have a coconut tree in or around your yard or your neighbor's yard. That's why Julian Concepcion with Tribal Cocos is putting his services out there on Facebook.

It doesn't matter if your coconut tree is 20 feet tall, or 40, or taller, Concepcion doesn't need a ladder or shoes to solve your coconut problem.

"It's just me, a machete, and sometimes a rope," said Concepcion.

Concepcion started his business, Tribal Cocos, at the beginning of hurricane season and now that he's posted his services on a community Facebook page, he's getting calls from homeowners who are trying to prepare for potential impacts from Hurricane Dorian.

"They've seen the pictures of cars getting hit with these coconuts," said Concepcion.

Lisa Fusee isn't taking any chances at her Lake Worth Beach home where she has nine coconut trees.

"We have hurricane windows but those things [coconuts] are so far up, I felt if one of them flew it was definitely going to crush the window or crack it," said Fusee.

Over in Boca Raton. Andrew McCormick with P&A Landscaping is offering another type of service: help with shutters.

"It's more of a service we are doing to help the community. So we're not doing it for the money, it's more for like I said, the community coming together," said McCormick.

Concepcion said he's also offered to help those who can't afford coconut removal, he just wants homeowners to feel safe.

"By the time it [coconut] hits the ground, a 30 foot tree, it will produce a lot of impact," said Concepcion.

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