Dogs rescued in Bahamas arrive in West Palm Beach

Dogs rescued in Bahamas arrive in West Palm Beach
(Source: WPTV)

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- Dozens of rescued dogs from the Bahamas Humane Society arrived in West Palm Beach Tuesday morning.

“I got a little boy, probably about a year or two, little shepherd lab mix and it just arrived from the Humane Society in Nassau,” said Debbie Hilton, with Big Dog Ranch Rescue.

He's here, along with a few dozen other furry friends all rescued from areas devastated by Hurricane Dorian.

“They’re in need and they’re defenseless,” said Hilton.

Big Dog Ranch Rescue in Loxahatchee is behind the two-day rescue mission which was possible thanks to a generous donation by the owner of a 240-foot charter yacht, Laurel.

“They’ve been cleaning up the cages and stuff every day, and we’ve been walking them around the boat every day as well,” said Wikus Botes, chief officer, on board the Laurel.

Twenty-one crew members volunteered for the mission, cruising to Freeport and the Bahamas to drop off hurricane relief supplies.

“Everybody helped hands on, we had to offload everything by hand and it was everything from medical supplies, it was food, it was water, hygiene products,” said Botes.

Now dozens of dogs are headed to Big Dog Ranch Rescue where they will be quarantined before they’re available for adoption.

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