Here’s how to help the Bahamas in northern Palm Beach County

Here’s how to help the Bahamas in northern Palm Beach County
How to help the Bahamas in northern Palm Beach County (Source: WPTV)

LAKE PARK, Fla. — If you are looking for a way to help The Bahamas, here is a way in Lake Park, which will accept and ship supplies Wednesday, Sept. 11 and the following Wednesday, Sept. 18.

It’s a week’s worth of the essentials, donated by the community and readied by the Keiser University softball team Tuesday.

They are participating in the worldwide Compassion Games, which start Wednesday.

“Survival of the kindest. We’re trying to do nice acts throughout 11 days to brighten someone’s day,” said Janelle Dominguez, a catcher on the softball team.

“They were great, they came in and in 15 minutes we had these pallets filled, they were awesome,” said Lake Park Mayor Michael O’Rourke, who organized the effort.

“It’s tragic and it’s almost apocalyptic in its devastation.”

These supplies head out Wednesday. They’ll send another shipment next Wednesday.

They’re working with Tropical Shipping and the Bahamian government to make sure it makes it there and to the people who need it.

“Every little thing can help them, these 12 pallets can probably help 100 people and that’s all they really need and that’s all they need is help,” Dominguez said.

They’re looking for things like tarps, baby supplies, can openers and water.

“It kind of hits a little bit harder for me because I’m from (Miami). I go to the Bahamas once a year, maybe twice a year,” she said. “It could have hit us down south too; it could have hit us too even harder.

The theater is open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day to accept donations before the final shipment on 9/18. It’s located at 700 Park Ave., Lake Park.

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