Video: Bowhunter spots albino buck in northern Wisconsin

His white coloring makes him stand out in the woods

Man sees albino deer in northern Wisconsin (Source: D&D Mortenson Realty)

SPOONER, Wisc. (Gray News) – Dan Mortenson stumbled across something wonderful and wild in northern Wisconsin recently.

While hunting near Middle McKenzie Lake, about 100 miles northeast of Minneapolis, he saw an albino buck in the middle of the woods.

“How fortunate I am that I got off my butt and got out to see nature and something so majestic?” Mortenson said. “Most people that don’t bow hunt don’t get to see some really cool stuff.”

A video taken by Mortenson shows the deer for about 30 seconds before it runs off.

Coolest thing I've ever seen hunting. Spooner Wisconsin.#D&DMortenson #albinodeer #albinoanimals #uniqueanimals

Posted by Dan Mortenson on Saturday, November 2, 2019

Seeing albino deer in the wild is rare.

Your chances of spotting one are only about one in 100,000, according to Buck Manager.

White and albino deer are illegal to hunt in the state, according to Wisconsin deer hunting regulations.

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