Senator in Stuart files a bill regarding pet cremations

Senator in Stuart files a bill regarding pet cremations

Laury Sullivan misses her beloved cat, Sevilla.

Fifteen years ago she found Sevilla and her sister Croix abandoned in an alley.

"They were smaller than the palm of your hand, about half of the size of the palm of your hand. precious little things," she said.

Last year, Sevilla was diagnosed with cancer. She died months later. A pet cremation company was contacted.

"They were making the arrangements to hold her until we could get there."

But Laury says before they could see Sevilla one more time, the cremation was done.

"We still don't know to this day what happened to her."

Laury went to senator Gayle Harrell's office in Stuart. The senator wants to help pet owners in Florida when it comes to pet cremation.

Wednesday afternoon, she filed bill 1282, which would be called Sevilla's Law.

"If you want a contract to be there to say your last goodbye to see the cremation of whatever, you will know that ahead of time. You will contract for it and there will be accountability for it."

Laury said, "We don't stop loving our pets once they pass away. we still love them and we expect them to be treated with dignity and respect."

For more information about Bill 1282, contact Senator Harrell's office.

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