There’s a wolf moon this weekend, eclipse, too

You’ll howl for this one

NASA takes you on a tour of the moon in stunning detail

(Gray News) – Mother Nature is dishing out a lunar twofer.

This weekend, we’re getting the wolf moon and an eclipse.

The wolf moon is the name for the first full moon of the new year, according to The Old Farmer’s Almanac.

While there will be an eclipse Friday afternoon, most of us won’t get to see it.

“As the Moon passes opposite the Sun it will spend about four hours in the partial shadow of Earth. This will be while the Moon is below the horizon for most of the Americas,” NASA said.

“If you happen to find yourself on the opposite side of Earth, the slight and gradual dimming of the Moon should be barely noticeable (if at all).”

The moon will appear full until Sunday morning, according to the space agency.

Viewing conditions will depend on the weather in your area.

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