Witness discusses Boca hit and run that injured woman

Witness discusses Boca hit and run that injured woman

Crist Jarrett says, he was right behind a state trooper just waiting at the light at the intersection of Congress Avenue and the Interstate 95 on ramp.

"I see a car door swing open and I see a woman like obviously terrified. Just get out of her car waiving," Jarrett said.

State trooper Jennifer White was leaving a gas station when she saw a woman leave the black car. She started to drive towards her when the car she got out of cut across traffic and ran over her.

"After he hit her I was shocked in the car and then when I heard the engine rev up I started screaming in my car no, no, no. I didn't know whether he knew she was underneath the car," Jarrett said.

Trooper White ran over to help the woman. The woman was able to sit up a few minutes later. FHP thinks this was a domestic dispute.

The trooper got the tag number and a good description of the car. Investigators arrested William Panteleon in Tennessee .

Jarrett said seeing a woman run over has been tough.

"As soon as it happened I went home and basically shut down for the day. And, I haven't been able to get it out of my head," he said.

Panteleon is facing attempted murder charges. We are told the woman he ran over we will be OK.

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