New questions over homeless camps at John Prince Park

New questions over homeless camps at John Prince Park

Palm Beach County could be just days away from clearing the camps at John Prince Park that have been an issue for years.

John, who didn't want his last name used says, one minute he was working and the next the bottom falls out.

"Money situation, no family, nobody to really care about us," he said.

John's heard that the county could remove him and everyone else at the park from the only place he's called home for five years.

"So if they want to come kick us out I'm still going to find our way in this park no matter what," he said.

Our news partners at the Palm Beach Post report the county could start clearing homeless camps on Wednesday. We've reached out to the county for comment. County Mayor Dave Kerner told the post, the plan would comply with federal laws protecting the right of the homeless.

"I was made aware by several homeless advocates," homeless advocate Franky Pierre Paul said.

He says he has mixed feelings.

"I just want to make sure that the community knows that it's all for the best of our homeless neighbors. And also I want to make sure that our homeless neighbors are aware it's not the fact that we're kicking them out is that things are actually being noticed and they're actually being helped," he said.

Not everyone is in agreement on how it's being handled.

"The crime is that people in Palm Beach County got no compassion," one man said.

The report says the county would assist with transportation and relocation.

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