Free cleaning services given to public service organizations

Free cleaning services given to public service organizations

One company is offering a free service to underserved communities in need of protection from the coronavirus. They say protection is serious business and while hand-washing is one way to prevent the spread of the coronavirus - there’s a time to call in the experts.

The Achievement Centers for Children and Families in Delray Beach is a provider of after-school programming and early learning for hundreds. On March 16 the three-building campus was forced to close its doors.

“During this process we’re making sure that we can still provide quality programming once the doors re-open again and children and families can come back to a clean and sanitized building,” said Michael Gulley, The Achievement Centers for Children and families chief operating officer. “Even though we may not be able to run direct programming we still want to make sure we’re a part of this community.”

And thanks to the charitable professionals within Stanley Steemer of South Florida’s air duct division, the non-profit is professionally prepared to move forward.

“Ready to resume programming when the time comes,” said Gulley.

Employees with Stanley Steemer of South Florida are donating their time using a hospital grade disinfectant and anti-allergen to protect underprivileged and disadvantaged organizations who don’t have the resources to to do it themselves.

“It comes out of the applicator at 75-times the force of gravity and it will literally actually bend around, under and on top of surfaces to get full coverage of what we’re aiming at,” said Michael Scalera, Stanley Steemer of South Florida director of marketing. ”Nobody can claim that their product or process kills the current coronavirus strain however the product that we use was proven to kill the previous two strains of coronavirus.”

On March 25 teams sprayed areas that are used most often on-site; including the library and computer labs.

“It’s great to see everybody really galvanizing and really coming together,” said Gulley. “It’s priceless.”

“The more we’re doing it — the more people are realizing what we’re capable of doing,” added Scalera.

Stanley Steemer of South Florida is donating their disinfecting services to other public service organizations.

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