Elderly in South Florida targeted for Coronavirus scams

Elderly in South Florida targeted for Coronavirus scams

Staff at the Area Agency on Aging are sending out a warning to the public about coronavirus scams targeting the elderly in South Florida.

Project Director of the Elder Rights Center at the Area Agency on Aging, Kate Kramer, says several scams have recently popped on her office's radar.

The most common scams her office have seen recently include offers of a COVID-19 vaccine or in-home test kit, none of which Kramer says are currently available through the FDA.

Kramer also warns not to fall for calls or emails offering instant financial assistance. She says the government will not call you to get your information. There are reasons her office says the elderly become targets of these types of scams.

“Elder folks are typically targeted by scammers because they are seen as a reliable source of money. Someone who is younger may not have a job, may not have much income. Whereas someone who is older might have some steady source of income whether it be social security or something else.”

If you have concerns that you may be targeted you can always contact the Area Agency on Aging at 561-684-5885 or your local law enforcement agency.

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