Mom concerned about location of Wellington summer camp

Mom concerned about location of Wellington summer camp

A parent is raising concerns after learning the possible location of her child’s summer camp in Wellington is currently being used as a coronavirus testing site.

Like many parents right now, Korin Gonyer is scrambling to find a summer camp as she prepares to go back to work.

“There’s either a problem of max capacity of where they have too many kids already, and you can’t get in, or they’re all closed because the district is closed,” said Gonyer.

She was able to find a possible option for her 8-year-old son at the Wellington Rec Center. However, while scrolling on Facebook, she later found out the location is being used as a COVID-19 testing site.

“Being a testing site, the concern is my child attracting it to either me, my husband or any other family members that we see,” said Gonyer. “They don’t know if they’re going to move the camp, or if they’re going to stay there and shutdown the site or continue to have it. They haven’t released that info to me.”

She said she contacted the village to see if the camp would be moved but received no answer.

“We certainly would never entertain co-mingling a COVID-19 test center with a summer camp,” said Assistant Village Manager Jim Barnes.

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The village says details have not been finalized. But if the camp is held, it would be at the community center and a much smaller number of children.

Barnes said the camp size would be reduced from about 180 kids to about 72, and the new location will also be a better spot for classroom activities.

“The community center has several more break out rooms that would allow us to keep the groups together but separate in terms of maintaining social distancing," said Barnes.

The village said a final decision about summer camp should be made by the end of this week.

If the camp is held, it would start around June 8 and end Aug. 7 following the new safety guidelines.

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