Palm Beach County organization addresses trauma of George Floyd's death

Palm Beach County organization addresses trauma of George Floyd's death

From video to pictures or posts on social media, the killing of George Floyd has sparked international protests surrounding how African American people are treated in our country.

A Palm Beach County non-profit organization is helping the black community cope with feelings of trauma from generations of racial injustice while saying now is the time to move forward toward real change.

"Emotional and psychological trauma from eras from decades ago is now coming full circle," said mental heath practitioner and certified trauma professional Sabrina Harris.

Harris said the video of a police officer pinning George Floyd to the ground with his knee on his neck is bringing up buried emotions for some in the black community.

"The situation with Mr. Floyd is not something that’s isolated, it’s not something that’s unique," said Harris. "So when you look at historical trauma, it kind of puts it in the realm of saying we haven’t really been able to get over the past incidents before the next one is present."

Harris is also the founder of House of Loveillionaires, a non-profit that helps people overcome trauma and address mental health issues.

On Saturday, Harris will host a panel on Facebook to talk about the impact of Floyd’s death and how to rebuild on from that trauma.

"It’s the planning phase right now. We need to be in a solution oriented position and that requires us to collect our emotions and make sure we are taking care of our self care and wellness across the board and make sure we are ready for the long-term pursuit of justice," said Harris.

“We’ve got to open our eyes and understand it easy to talk about what is unnecessary when you’re among the privileged," said Rev. J.R. Thicklin, the president of the Palm Beach County Clergy.

Thicklin said he’s partnering with Harris on a movement she calls "Five Steps Forward, Zero Steps Back," a movement they both agree will need allies from all over.

"It won’t be the words of our enemies that we remember, but the silence of our friends. A quote by Dr. King, that means that it’s not good enough to be well enough on your side without considering my brothers and sisters that are being oppressed," said Thicklin.

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