FL Dept. of Health: 25.3% of kids tested in Martin County are positive

FL Dept. of Health: 25.3% of kids tested in Martin County are positive

The Florida Department of Health says Martin County has the highest positivity rate for children in the entire state of Florida.

On July 26 alone, 45.1% of children in Martin County tested were positive.

"That's just scary," said Lisa Yancsurak, has three kids.

The most recent pediatric report released by the Florida DOH indicates that as of July 24th, 25.3% of the 1555 kids tested in Martin County came back positive.

Yancsurak youngest child is five years old.

She said the long term effects of coronavirus are unknown and that going back to school on August 11 is not an option.

"I can't personally risk my child on a ventilator in the hospital," said Yancsurak.

"Kids need school," said Naralyn Durbin, has two kids. "They need socialization. They need the actual physical learning environment. I have full confidence in the teachers and staff and custodial staff, them being able to have a secure safe environment that they're going to sanitize.

Durbin said the proposal to delay school for two weeks in Martin County would have not made a difference.

"If we get, we get it," said Durbin. "We've got faith that we'll be fine. We'll pull through it. I won't be hospitalized, we won't die."

The Martin County DOH said prior to May, children could not get tested unless they were symptomatic.

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