The Pawn Shop Lounge on Clematis is reopening with a twist

The Pawn Shop Lounge on Clematis is reopening with a twist

Cleve Mash is one happy man. Finally, after six months of being shut down because of the coronavirus pandemic, the Pawn Shop lounge he owns is opening back up.

In order to do so, Mash applied for a restaurant license, showed his kitchen layout and submitted a menu. Thursday, he had the inspectors on site.

"Hour-and-a-half to two-hour inspection tested our equipment, tested the hot water, made sure we had all the proper procedures to handle food," he said.

Mash said the tough part was re-establishing his kitchen.

"I had sold all of the equipment, so I had to go out and repurchase the equipment, re-certify the hood, have the Ansel system, fire suppression system, all that stuff updated," he said.

Mash's story is just one of many as owners are forced to make adjustments in the name of reopening. The Pawn Shop is just the latest addition looking to help bring more business back to Clematis Street.

"I think any business should thrive on this street," passebry Amanda Celestino said. "I haven't seen so many people on this street in a long time."

Mash said following state and county guidelines is essential to making this work.

"It's important that we make sure everybody understands that if you're sitting down, you can take your mask off," he said. "When you stand up to use the restroom to walk around, bring your mask."

For now, the venue will seat 125 to 145 people, per county rules. Temperature checks will be taken at the door.

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