Delray Beach police hit the streets to meet the community

Delray Beach police hit the streets to meet the community

A recently formed unit at the Delray Beach Police Department is focusing on creating conversations in the community.

They hit the streets just as the COVID-19 pandemic ramped up.

The Delray Beach Community Policing Unit is responding to neighborhoods with one goal in mind: meet people.

"Depending on crime trends or need, we do two different neighborhood per day," said Sgt. Terrance Scott.

Sgt. Scott said officers in the unit will knock on as many doors as possible and introduce themselves. Each officer has a business card which the hand out.

Scott said officers take these moments to get to know people and put a face to the badge.

"Often people don't call the police because they are not comfortable," Sgt. Scott said.

The sergeant added that some people have complaints they can pass along or offer help to solve.

"We are proactive, we don't wait and see. We try and get involved and be ahead of the curve," Sgt. Scott said.

The group has visited countless neighborhoods and met about 1,000 people so far.

If it's not raining, Sgt. Scott said they get out twice a day to all areas in town.

"Conversations are important," Sgt. Scott said.

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