Trump discusses coronavirus, Supreme Court at Miami town hall

Trump discusses coronavirus, Supreme Court at Miami town hall

President Trump, after his own COVID-19 recovery, told a Miami town hall audience, “I feel good.”

He was pressed, though, on the timeline of his tests by the NBC moderator, Savannah Guthrie, and asked why the White House had been so lax about the use of masks at a recent even that turned out to be a COVID-19 hotbed.

President Trump said, “As far as masks are concerned... I’m good with masks.”

He defended his handling of coronavirus and took questions from the voters in the town hall audience.

One voter worried about Republican efforts to end Obamacare. President Trump said coverage for pre-existing conditions will be protected, but he again insisted he wants to replace Obamacare. Critics note he has not laid out a comprehensive plan to do so during virtually his entire first term in office.

President Trump also defended his efforts, and those of Senate Republicans, to quickly confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court. He argued Democrats would do precisely the same thing if given the chance.

And, with Florida being pivotal to victory in a few short weeks, expect to see plenty of President Trump and Joe Biden, as they court the voters in our diverse state in the final days of this election season.

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