Trump supporters gather to welcome him to Palm Beach

Trump supporters gather to welcome him to Palm Beach

President Donald Trump arrived at Palm Beach International Airport as president for the last time Wednesday morning, and his supporters lined the motorcade route to Mar-a-Lago.

Air Force One flew above Mar-a-Lago once more with Trump on board as it prepared to land at Palm Beach International Airport.

A few minutes later, Trump and first lady Melania Trump smiled and waved as they stepped off the plane and got into a waiting Chevrolet Suburban.

Trump waved to supporters as the motorcade slowly made its way from the airport along Southern Boulevard in West Palm Beach.

Longtime local supporter Willy Guardiola organized a safe rally to show Trump appreciation as he ends his term. Guardiola said he has been in touch with local law enforcement about safety.

Authorities set up barricades along the route as supporters gathered to cheer on Trump.

He said international media has been contacting him about his loyalty to the president, and the FBI was also in touch with him following the violence at the Capitol.

Guardiola said he is not a violent person and described what happened at the Capitol building as "the most despicable thing I've ever seen, the video I've seen, it's just not the United States of America."

For him and other supporters, Wednesday represents a difficult day.

Trump supporter planning rally to welcome him to Palm Beach

"I am almost in denial," he said. "I don't want to believe that this could be his last day. He's gonna be our president until noon."

As for what's next, Guardiola believes the Republican party needs to be revamped.

For Wednesday, however, he is focused on showing Trump appreciation and support as he ends his term in Palm Beach County.

"We want President Trump to see all the people, loyal, die-hard Trump supporters coming from Miami, coming from Naples, coming from Orlando, all the media," Guardiola said. "I want President Trump to come through the motorcade in his beast like he's done hundreds of times and really see these people. It's going to be very emotional for him for us, for these people coming from different countries. They've never seen a presidential motorcade."

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