New 'little free library' opened in Jupiter

New 'little free library' opened in Jupiter

Little free libraries have been around for over 10 years and there are over 100,000 of them in 103 countries around the world and now has a new home right here in Palm Beach County.

People walking and driving by the intersection of April Lane and Center Street in Jupiter will be greeted by a new little free library.

It's all thanks to Sandy English, a former Palm Beach County reading teacher for 45 years. She wants this collection of books to be a legendary gathering place where kids and adults can have access to books.

Her son Greg built the little free library and it took about a month to complete.

It's fitted with benches to read on and a tiny library that houses around 50 books.

"We always need a corner where a child or an adult can rest and read a book," said English. "I really hope that people come back again and again. I hope they tell their friends. I hope I have to go out and buy more books."

If you'd like more information and how to start your own official little free library, visit

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