Chase Rice's secret show in West Palm Beach

Published: Jul. 22, 2021 at 7:36 AM EDT
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Wednesday night in Rosemary Square a country superstar, Chase Rice, made an appearance at Copper Blues which is attached to the Palm Beach Improv.

"Good to see you. How are you? Welcome to West Palm," said WIRK-FM host Chelsea Taylor as she greeted him at the Palm Beach Improv for a podcast.

Chase has numerous gold and platinum singles.

Drinkin' Beer. Talkin' God. Amen.

Ashley Day from West Palm bought Chase a shot while he was on stage, "I like his new song. 'Drink a beer,' 'Thank God. Amen.' So it's amazing. "

Young Riley, sporting a Mohawk, from West Palm got Chase's guitar pick and his hat signed backstage, "It was like, really exciting times I never I get to talk to people that are, that makes music and stuff."

The singer-songwriter sang to fans of New Country 103.1 WIRK who won their way into the show.

Chase saying that people have the information they need to know about the coronavirus and the delta variant and it's time for them to make their own decisions.

"We're back to normal if you got a problem with it stay home," said Chase Rice.

"I think we want to be respectful to anybody's feelings, whether it's mask or no mask, we just want people to come out and have a great time, spreading the love of country music because that's what we do," said Bruce McCombs, Operations Manager Hubbard Radio which programs WIRK-FM.

Businesses eager to be full and busy again, "So good! It's great for the staff it's great for everybody for morale to have people here again," said Rene Harte who is the managing partner of Copper Blues.

Chase, learning some takeaways from the pandemic, "I really thought one of the coolest things is in our interview with him was he said that [the Pandemic] made him realize that when he wants to take a break. He's gonna take a break because he's thinking like his performances are stronger his music has gotten' stronger his writing is gotten' stronger from having that break and like being refreshed, you know, which I think we all kind of realized," said Chelsea Taylor of New Country 103.1 WIRK.

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