Dolphins head coach: ‘Tua is our quarterback’

Published: Sep. 2, 2021 at 11:01 AM EDT
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If the Miami Dolphins are pursuing Deshaun Watson as has been widely reported, head coach Brian Flores isn’t giving up on Tua Tagovailoa after just one season.

"I will say that Tua is our quarterback," Flores told reporters Wednesday, one day after the Dolphins released their 53-man roster ahead of the regular season.

Tagovailoa, last year's No. 5 overall draft pick, remains on the roster. Watson, the former-first round draft pick who is facing sexual assault allegations, is still a member of the Houston Texans.

Beyond that, though, Flores and the Dolphins aren't saying much.

Flores praised Tagovailoa's play during training camp, while remaining silent about reports that the team was trying to acquire Watson in a trade.

"I think he's had a good training camp," Flores said of Tagovailoa. "I think he's made a lot of progress. I think he's made a lot of improvement and we're pleased with where he is. He's going through his preparations for New England the way he should be, and that's where we are as a team."

Tagovailoa told reporters he's appreciative of the support.

"I think it means a lot with it coming from the head coach," he said. "The support that I have from him and from the team, it means a lot. But for me, I'm just focused literally on trying to get our guys ready for next week."

Tagovailoa said he doesn't have cable, so he doesn't watch the news, but he has heard the rumors about the Dolphins and Watson.

"I only hear about those things either from my agents or if it comes from (someone in the building) or if coach (Flores) wants to sit down and talk to me about things like that," Tagovailoa said. "That's kind of how I find out a lot of the talk that's going on."

Flores wouldn't reveal what he told Tagovailoa or the rest of the team, but he agreed that it's important for players to feel as though they have the support of everyone in the organization.

"I think we've got a team full of guys who work hard, who will support one another, who are tough, who are smart, who love to play and are team-first," Flores said. "We'll go out to practice today and try to improve and get better and prepare for an upcoming game."

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