Thieves taking restaurants' outdoor furniture in Delray Beach

Published: Sep. 16, 2021 at 7:26 AM EDT
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A new crime trend has made its way to a local city in Palm Beach County. Delray Beach Police Department says thieves are targeting local businesses and stealing furniture left outside overnight.

This month alone, Detective Michael Canciaruli said there have been four reported crimes and a handful of unreported cases.

In response to the increase in thefts, he's advising all business owners to start taking precautions.

"If you can’t bring the item inside somehow find a way to lock it up outside chain it up something like that the umbrellas are a little harder because it’s in a stand but maybe take it out of that stand and take it into your business during the night during the day, put it back outside just make sure you secure your stuff," Canciaruli said.

He added that these types of crimes can also lead to felony charges depending on a suspect's criminal history.

"If someone steals it and they have a history of theft like some other convictions it could very well turn into a felony as well," he explained.

So far investigators haven't been able to catch any of the suspects involved. If you have any information that can help or if you'd like to report a similar crime you can call the Delray Beach Police Department at (561) 243-7800

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