Rolling Stones singer stops by bar and nobody notices

Published: Oct. 2, 2021 at 11:51 AM EDT
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Did you hear the one about the rock star who went into a bar?

Well, Brian Wilson sure did. He's the co-owner of the Thirsty Beaver Saloon in Charlotte, North Carolina, where Mick Jagger paid a visit on the evening before the Rolling Stones held a concert at Bank of America Stadium.

The 78-year-old Rolling Stones frontman on Thursday shared a photograph of himself on social media that's been gaining plenty of attention. Apparently, he didn't attract any when he decided to stop by Wednesday night.

Jagger's candid post shows him standing outside the Thirsty Beaver Saloon while holding a beer. It included the caption, "Out and about last night in Charlotte, NC."

Wilson told the Charlotte Observer that the photo is authentic and the patrons seen in the background were legitimate.

"He was in here and then he was gone," Wilson told the newspaper.

Wilson said he wasn't there at the time, but the bartender who was said she had no idea the customer she was serving is arguably the most recognizable British rocker in the world.

As for Jagger's beer of choice, it seems the "Paint It Black" singer is partial to what appeared to be an American brew -- either a Miller Lite or a Michelob Ultra.

So that's how he stays in such good shape.

Charlotte was the second stop on the band's "No Filter" tour, which began a little more than a month after the death of drummer Charlie Watts.

The Rolling Stones don't have a stop in South Florida, but they will be in the Sunshine State for an Oct. 29 performance at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa.

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