South Florida Fair returns with all the bells and robots

Published: Jan. 14, 2022 at 7:41 PM EST
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The theme for the South Florida Fair is Rockin' Robots and when you walk into the South Florida Fair you are greeted by the Rockin' Robots Sand Sculpture.

"It's only a minute-40 show, but it tells a story," said Glennis McClellan of Show Lab Entertainment. The show goes on to play music from every decade starting with the 1940s. Projections on the sandcastle are reminiscent of the end-of-night ceremonies at Magic Kingdom at Disney World.

There's an interactive robot named Oscar outside the Expo Center who likes to joke around with guests. Its operator works nearby to entertain guests. "We're having robot mania over here!" Oscar screamed.

There are robots hanging in the air decorated by Palm Beach County school children in the Expo Center.

And there are fierce competitions at the Robot Ruckus Battles.

Even an America's Got Talent-style robot dance show. Created just for the South Florida Fair.

"We have performers who come from Cirque du Soleil, we have performers that are international. So it packs a power punch of excitement,” said Fernando Quevedo, the show’s producer.

There are even robots being sold for kids with autism to help them learn.

"We use these robots to establish a connection with the children. In schools, at the home, in clinics. And the robot and the child they work together," said vendor Jean-Pierre Bolat, Movia CEO.

Rob Parenti, Movia’s Chief Education Officer said, -"When you have a tip, trick, or intervention, where a child is having fun, and not realizing they're learning, then you've got something good."

New At The Fair 

First, the food. Everyone is buzzing about the Mac and Cheese bowels. Popular with parents, "Because almost every kid, even the picky ones like macaroni and cheese. So if they want it completely plain with just cheese we can do it," said the Mac and Cheese Bowl vendor.

After a three-year hiatus, the Bacon stand is back with its smores. They are touting their Bacon S’mores, "Well if you like sweet and salty? Best combination ever!," said the vendor.

Next, kids ten and under get in free... It used to be five and under. "So in order to offset that loss of revenue, we looked at other ways we could increase our revenues," said Vicki Chouris, President/CEO of the South Florida Fair.

One of the new revenue streams is a $10 parking charge. The fair is offering a free park and ride service from the Mall at Wellington Green on their busiest days, Saturdays, Sundays and $2 Tuesdays.

There are new COVID cleaning guidelines for the rides. "We're not as aggressive with [COVID] as we were this time last year. Only because we've learned so much of what you have to do and what you don't have to do. We go by the latest CDC guidelines,” said Frank Zaitshik who operates the rides at the fair.

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