The Lord’s Place helping the homeless stay warm

Published: Jan. 25, 2022 at 10:16 PM EST
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When temperatures drop into the 50s and the 40s, like it’s done recently, The Lord’s Place begins handing out warm clothing and other items to the homeless.

"Our larger team works in the areas of Boynton Beach, The Glades, the western parts of West Palm, and some parts of Riviera Beach," Cristina Lucier said.

Lucier is the vice president of community programs for The Lord's Place. She said the last time there was a count, which was at the beginning of the pandemic, there were well over 1,500 people on any given night who were living on the streets.

"Those are clients experiencing unsheltered homelessness. So, they could be sleeping in parks, in makeshift tents, in vehicles, things like that," she said.

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Danielle King is a member of the outreach team. She's helping a woman with some warm clothing who is homeless.

"As everyone knows the weather is extremely cold right now and it's no fun sleeping without a roof, without any warmth, without shelter from the rain," she said.

King said the demand has been so great that they're now completely out of cold-weather clothing.

"Warm blankets, sweatshirts, medium, large, extra-large sizes for all body types, and sleeping bag donations," she said.

The cold weather will pass but until then The Lord's Place will do what they can to keep those on the street fed, warm, and dry.

If you'd like to donate some clothing to The Lord's Place, click here.

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