Florida’s 4,020 new cases lowest in two months; deaths rise 1,447 in week

Published: Feb. 14, 2022 at 8:31 PM EST
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Florida reported 4,020 daily coronavirus cases, the lowest in two months, and the 5,502 hospitalizations with the disease are less than one half during the omicron peak 1 1/2 months ago but deaths, which lag behind those two other categories, rose 1,447 in one week, according to federal data.

Residents' infections rose to 5,751,104 since the first two were reported on March 1, 2020, according to data submitted by the Florida Health Department to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and posted Monday. And deaths increased to 67,910 since the first two fatalities were announced March 6, 2020.

Cases have been trending down since a daily record 76,309 Jan. 8.

One week ago 20,402 infections were reported. And the latest figure is the lowest since 3,392 posted Dec. 14. On Sunday, 5,224 cases reported.

The seven-day moving daily average is 10,157, which is the lowest since 9,965 Dec. 21. The record is 65,300 Jan. 11.

On Nov. 27, before the omicron sprain spread, there were 1,224 cases reported with the previous least 1,191 June 9, 2020, before the delta strain.

In the past week, the CDC reported 70,404 cases, which is third behind California with 193,681 and Texas with 89,139. Washington state is fourth at 42,827.

The state, which stopped giving daily updates on June 4, reported a record 429,311 over seven days four weeks ago. On Nov. 30 the weekly 9,792 increase was the lowest since the state went to weekly reports.

Florida, which has the third-largest population in the nation, is third behind California at 8,244,329 with 40,158 added over three days and a daily record 143,380, and Texas at 6,394,783, including 6,358 new ones and a record 74,491. New York is fourth with 4,866,986, including 2348 Monday and a record 90,132.

With a reduction in cases, testing and the positivity rate have declined.

On Jan. 3 there were a record 275,894 tests but it dropped to 51,486 on Feb. 6, the last reported date to the CDC. In weekly figures, the most recent is 655,217 (93,602 daily) behind California at 1,700,769 and New York at 933,803.

The CDC doesn't give daily updates on the posivity rate. Friday's report listed it as 14.3% compared with the record 31.3% weeks earlier.

Fatalities have risen 588 from four days ago when the state back-adjusted the data. The one week increase is 249 more than 1,198 one week ago. The state also back ajdusts data on Mondays.

The weekly record for increase was 2,468 in the state report Sept. 17.

The state set a mark for most deaths in one day on Aug. 27 with 424. Until the recent spike, the record was 242 on Aug. 4, 2020, according to CDC data.

California leads with 82,026, including 589 over three days most recently, with Texas second at 81,031 and a 42 daily gain.

Hospitalizations also have continued a downward slope.

In Florida, 9.71% of the beds were occupied with coronavirus patients. The 5,502 figure is the least since 5,425 (9.55%) on Jan. 2, according to U.S. Health and Human Services data. One week ago it was 7,316 (12.75% capacity) and it earlier surged to 11,839 (21.29) on Jan. 19. The record was 17,295 (29.35%) on Aug. 29 during the delta surge but it dropped to a record low of 1,228 Nov. 29.

Total beds in use are 45,301 (78.64%).

Florida's coronavirus occupancy is behind Texas with 8,834 (13.16%) and California with 8,613 (13.38%). New York is fourth with 4,297 (8.99%%).

Total U.S. hospitalizations dropped to 82.842 (10.98%) with the record 160,113 (21.3%) Jan. 20. The past record before the omicron surge was 142,315 Jan. 14, 2021. The high during delta surge was 103,896 Sept. 1.

Total beds in use reported Monday: 585,041 (76.58%).

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