Artists creating beautiful handmade bowls to raise money for Treasure Coast Food Bank

Published: Feb. 23, 2022 at 8:46 AM EST
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Ceramics and sculpture artists have been hard at work to throw and glaze hundreds of beautiful bowls to help the Treasure Coast Food Bank and Mary’s Kitchen.

The 15th Annual Lundin Kudo Empty Bowls Project will allow donors to purchase a handmade bowl of their choosing, and get it filled with locally made soup and baked bread for $20.

Food insecurity has surged during the pandemic, and the food bank relies on the support of the community.

About a dozen artists gathered on weekends at Lighthouse ArtCenter to turn lumps of clay into works of art, throwing bowls on the wheel, then glazing and firing them.

Chad Steve is the Director of Ceramics and Sculpture at the Lighthouse ArtCenter, and one of the participating artists. He says a bowl can have personality that reflects the hands of the maker.

“It’s going to have a nice warm so when you’re holding it you’re going to have that nice presence and you kind of hold it to your body like this,” he said, pulling one of his bowls into his chest. “So a lot of love and effort goes into all of these, we have a great community of ceramic artists around here.”

Thomas Adkisson is the 3D Studio Administrator and Assistant at the Lighthouse ArtCenter. He found his passion for throwing pottery on the wheel in the last year.

“The utility. You can use a bowl for just about anything. If you don’t like the bowl for eating you can use it for a flower pot. That’s what draws me into these,” Adkisson said.

Adkisson says when he learned about the Empty Bowls effort, he was particularly moved.

“That’s very special to me, it’s very heartwarming because I’ve had situations with my mother that I’ve needed a food bank, so to come full circle and give back to the community really means a lot to me,” Adkisson said.

The challenge is something Adkisson remembered while making bowls.

“It was really hard at first, feeling that you’re below others is a really hard challenge to face. But we always picked each other up in our family but churches are really good places to go for food banks, and that’s what we would do, we’d go to churches and we were on food stamps as well and so we had a crutch, thankfully,” Adkisson said.

The donors who attend the event will get to select a beautiful bowl to take home.

“Hopefully they just find something that speaks to them,” Steve said.

The Lundin Kudo Empty Bowls event Lundin Kudo Empty Bowls - Treasure Coast Food Bank ( is Sunday, February 27 from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Women's Club of Stuart, 729 SE Ocean Boulevard.

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