Local band waits 3 years to play SunFest only to play 1 note

Published: Apr. 29, 2022 at 6:34 AM EDT
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In years past, SunFest would host a Battle of the Bands contest to pick a single band to perform at the waterfront festival.

At SunFest 2019, local band Citizen Badger won and they were slated to play the SunFest stage. Before the festival they stopped by the Chopper 5 Helipad to play a sample.

But before they could walk on stage.

“We were going to play then, but then we got rained out,” said Daylen Brinkley lead vocalist for Citizen Badger.

SunFest slated a make good for the band at the 2020 festival.

“And then the global pandemic happened,” Brinkley begrudgingly said.

But before Thursday's Sound Check at the Ideal Nutrition stage for Citizen Badger more rain.

“I was saying some prayers,” said Brinkley.

“Third Time is the charm this is the charm,” Brinkley said optimistically.

“It's hard to imagine how dense, how many people are going to be here,” imagined Brinkley.

Brinkley knows opening up for SunFest is a big deal.

“ Yeah, no pressure,” Brinkley jested.

At exactly 5:45 p.m. as Citizen Badger, the opening act for SunFest 2022 played one drum beat. The skies opened up and as predicted to the second by first alert meteorologist James Wieland earlier in the day.

Backstage I said to the band, “You played one beat!”

"That's all that was needed," laughed drummer Mike Francoeur along with his bandmates.

Back out in front of the Myer Amphitheater Goo Goo dolls superfans were not giving up their spots upfront because of the rain.

Backstage Danielle Casey, co-founder of 1909 said local bands need more shots to shine at the festival and so they teamed up to have thousands to audition.

“We are really sick and tired of seeing the local talent move to Nashville, L.A., Austin, and Boston,” said Casey.

The grassroots group was able to place 13 bands in this year’s lineup

As the rain slowed it looked optimistic for Citizen Badger to play a shorter set.

“We're really excited we hope they get on here soon,” said Casey.

Finally, the group played a few songs, but because of the rain they didn't play for many,

“I told you, got to stay positive man,” grinned the groups drummer as he walked off of the biggest stage the groups ever preformed on.

"Playing the amphitheater, feeling that bass rumble, drum behind me (ummm) mix so good. Still a blast still a good time,” said Brinkley optimisticly.

SunFest is partnering with 1909 to highlight "Fresh Local Artists," including:

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