Loxahatchee doctor provides insight on hepatitis in young kids after CDC alert

Published: May. 2, 2022 at 9:16 PM EDT
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A Loxahatchee doctor is providing insight on hepatitis in young kids after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued an alert.

Courtney Sharp and her friend Tracy own a company that sells supplements and protein powder products.

They try to make sure their family stays healthy, but Sharp says the latest medical alert of hepatitis in young kids is alarming.

"Hepatitis is nothing to play around with," she said. "So, that fact that it's just popping up in kids, really not understanding where it's coming from, is scary."

The CDC reports in some states they've seen an increase in pediatric hepatitis without a known cause.

More than a dozen cases-- two kids needing liver transplants. No cases reported in Florida. Dr. Yong Sing Da Silva is the Director of Inpatient Pediatrics at Palms West Hospital.

"Hepatitis is a blanket term that's used to describe diseases that cause inflammation of the liver," he said.

Da Silva says the CDC says it's a new type of hepatitis, which is affecting children especially under the age of 10.

"In these series of cases, this new hepatitis a lot of the patients have been testing positive for a particular of adenovirus," he said. "It presents with nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and fever."

Kids can also be jaundiced.

"You see yellowing of the eyes, and perhaps a yellowish tint to the skin," he said.

The doctor says it's important to remind the kids to practice good hygiene.

"Adenovirus is transmitted primarily through surfaces," said Da Silva. "I think hand washing is very important." If you notice something unusual, contact your pediatrician.

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